E-learning Solutions

Deployment of Learning Management Systems (LMS), planning and managing organisational transition from traditional training delivery to blended and online learning.


Digital Learning Content

Design of standalone training materials, videos, assignments, tests, and of fully-integrated digital lessons. Design of case studies and exams.


Disabilities and SEN

Improving accessibility of mainstream training offerings and designing bespoke attractive pathways and learning solutions for learners with disabilities and SEN.


Misinformation and Disinformation

Research and studies into the practical implications of the creation and propagation of misinformation and disinformation. Classification and hierarchy of related information types, purpose and objectives, propagation triggers, mechanisms of perception and cognition.


Practical Solutions Based on Cognitive Science

Conceptual models for practical solutions of educational and social problems based on Cognitive Science. Development and pilot testing of practical and scaleable methods and tools.


Qualitative Desktop Research

Topic research on public policies, sectoral development, scientific research papers. Summary of findings, analyses of qualitative data. Linking qualitative to quantitative data.


Data Research, Collection and Analyses

Design of surveys and questionnaires, collection of data, collection of relevant publicly available statistical data, processing of quantitative data, creating visual representations and infographics.


Feasibility Studies and Sustainability Plans

Structuring and drafting feasibility studies and plans for sustained development/operations for cross-country initiatives in the domain of education and training.

Showcase of selected work

> We have been extending our advances in the field of disinformation by further exploring the impact of conspiracy theories on education and on other social systems, by developing self-assessment tests and by designing training interventions helping to understand the nature of conspiracy theories and how we can erect shields against their negative influence.

> NTCenter has worked on novel approaches for identifying cognitive biases in teaching-learning contexts and has explored experimental methods for debiasing.

> We have developed feasibility studies, sustainability plans and operation guidelines for a range of project initiatives and business operations, among which: skills competitions for people with disabilities/SEN, ICT skills certification centres network, mis- and disinformation support model and structure for educators.

> We have designed and implemented large-scale multi-country online surveys on a range of education-related issues. Part of our work is data analysis, as we churn data collected through such surveys and make sense of it based on our core competences and skills. These surveys shed light on existing practices, trends and emerging issues, and provide educators and policy makers with insights that help them shape best-fit interventions.

> NTCenter has helped organisations move from traditional instruction methods and environments and transform into fully-digital training providers. This includes organisational restructuring, teacher training, student support systems, LMS deployment and design of digital training content.

> We ideated, designed and managed the development process of a comprehensive framework to fight mis- and disinformation in education-related settings by employing concepts from cognitive science and cognitive linguistics, with inputs from applied neuroscience and human developmental biology. This was a complex project which identified an emerging need and used science to create targeted and scalable training interventions with proven efficacy. At present, we are exploring and working on a number of spin-offs related to disinformation and disinformation impact mechanisms.

> We have designed and implemented customised solutions for quality monitoring and evaluation, risk management and contingency planning, impact evaluation and assessment. We are also ready to use scalable solutions and longitudinal studies.