Second meeting of SkillFoster | Erasmus University, Rotterdam, 27-28.05.2024

The second workshop of the SkillFoster partnership took place in Rotterdam on May 27-28. The discussions on cultural heritage and its application in education passionately extended to sharing experiences working with cultural heritage artefacts. We invited experts in conservation and restoration, digitization, interpretation (storytelling), and the preservation of manuscripts, old-printed books, and 19th-century architecture. One of the highlights of the workshop was the exchange of ideas among the young participants—students in the social sciences and humanities from the Netherlands, Turkey, and Bulgaria. During the workshop, we visited Albeda College, where we were introduced to the activities and achievements of the European Cultural Heritage Skills Alliance (CHARTER). This visit laid the groundwork for future collaboration, as we found many areas of common interest. To make the visit unforgettable, our hosts kindly invited us to an immersive experience at Museum Rotterdam’s “40-’45 NOW” exhibition. Everyone returned home with a clear idea of the next steps, leading to an exciting project activity: local workshops with students. Guided by experts, students will have the opportunity to work with real cultural heritage objects.