NTCenter’s family of disinformation-related projects adds a new member!

We are excited today by news coming from Belgium where we applied earlier this year for another expansion of our flagship disinformation and misinformation applied research and development work. We are now a long way from where we started back in 2018 with De Facto. And here we are today, celebrating a successful application that will allow us to introduce advanced critical thinking for teachers and learners in the capital of Flanders in Belgium.

Partnering with the Antwerpen school system administrator, AGSO, who runs all public schools in the city, and with the Department of Education and Training of Artesis Plantijn University College of Antwerp (AP Hogeschool Antwerpen), we will be integrating into the existing curriculum specially designed training interventions along a pathway which is often referred to as ‘Learning lines”. Learning lines have the ability to transcend individual subjects and school years while keeping a coherent and ever-progressing structure of interventions that builds, upgrade and expand skills and competences related to information literacy (media+digital literacy) and advanced critical thinking.

The project will continue to explore and expand the application of cognitive science in tackling disinformation. We are bringing on board two of our established partners, Euroface Consulting (CZ) and Delft Digital Learning (PT), making sure that there is continuity in passing know-how to new geographical areas and education systems. The partnership also build-up on the successful collaboration with AGSO over the last several years that is currently focused on the domain of citizenship education.

We will be happy to announce more details about our objectives and approach as we launch the project officially in September 2022.