NTCenter with a contract to support the Horizon Europe programme

During the summer of 2021 we joined a large international consortium in a bid for a 7-year contract for the establishment, support and development of a network for national contact points (NCPs) in Horizon Europe‘s Cluster 2, “Culture, Creativity and Inclusive Society“. Horizon Europe is the EU’s flagship programme for large-scale research projects, a continuation of Horizon 2020 (and of FP7/FP6 before that). NCPs are officially designated to advise researchers and other relevant, eligible stakeholders in their efforts to secure EU funding.

Our bid was successful and we are happy to announce that from 2022 to 2029 we will be the Impact Managers of the consortium, with full responsibility covering the monitoring, measurement, analysis and recommendations on all activities within the NCP network of Cluster 2. Our impact management proposal was instrumental in the contract awarding, and as impact managers we will be working under the direct supervision of the Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR), with whom we already have a steady and close working relationship.

With NTCenter’s own Milena Zvancharova having been recently appointed as one of the NCPs for Bulgaria, we expect to focus on impact, but also be well-positioned to provide broader support to Milena in her direct work with HE beneficiaries.

We accept this new challenge very seriously. Moving from Erasmus+ to Horizon Europe is indeed a challenge, but it follows naturally our drive from the last few years to dedicate more time and shift our strategic orientation from small-scale partnerships to larger projects focused on applied research and development of innovation.

Starting very soon – and for the 7 years ahead, you will be seeing more communications from us on Horizon Europe, and we will be dedicating a section of our website to this effect. Naturally, the consortium will soon restructure the existing website which was operating with a similar purpose in the previous version of the programme.