New project funding secured!

NTCenter has secured funding for two new projects, both financed by the Bulgarian National Agency for the Erasmus+ programme. One of them is focusing on developing a pathway to improve and promote training for young specialists in the fields of culture and cultural artefacts with the help of digital tools. The project design complements this with the development of a competence-based occupational profile to help identify areas for continuous professional development. The other project is designed to continue to develop and diversify our competence in the domain of cognitive biases, with the explorations and testing of effective and efficient pathways for improved decision-making. We will be studying how different interventions related to reducing the impact of biases may sustain results over time.

The projects will officially start on September 1st, 2023. As we lead the project consortia, we will be in the fine company of partners such as Sofia University, Koc University (Istanbul, TR), Karel de Grote University College (Antwerpen, BE), Delft Digital Learning (Leiria, PT), Erasmus University (Rotterdam, NL), Artevelde University of Applied Sciences (Gent, BE),