Joint staff training “De-biasing: designing storyboards for videos”

We have the pleasure to announce that the first of two planned learning and training activities within the frame of our The Art of De-biasing Erasmus+ project was successfully completed. The joint-staff training kept busy 18 participants from 8 partner countries between 20th and 29th of April. The activity inevitably took place online, nevertheless it was blessed with positive energy and eagerness to participate. Participants were assigned with individual tasks to practice newly acquired knowledge on how to make a short video using up-to-date digital tools. The session on cognitive biases was useful and intriguing and raised plenty of questions, that were discussed and argued at length. Break-out rooms faciliated small work-group activities to create bias related draft scenarios for short videos. Eventually, drafting scenarios is one of the core activities of our project, with a future short videos collection aimed at raising educators awareness of the impact of biases in everyday learner-teacher communication. Overall, the training was unanimously evaluated as very successful and inspiring, with minor shortfalls regarding the duration of discussion sessions. Another major outcome is that we got to know each other better, although from a distance, and this boosts the synergy within our partnership.