Test seeking to reveal susceptibility to disinformation and conspiracy theories launched

The third international meeting of the InTACT partners took place at the end of September in Kroměříž, the Czech Republic. During the meeting, the partners discussed the progress of the project so far and the upcoming tasks. They agreed on the final structure of the self-assessment test for sensitivity to disinformation and conspiracy theories and decided to launch it in all partner countries on the 15th of November.

The test itself is already available on the project’s webpage in English, Bulgarian, Dutch, Italian, Slovenian and Czech language. It is designed for everyone who is interested to check their susceptibility to disinformation and conspiracy theories. All respondents of the test receive feedback not only regarding their result on the 12-item self-reported gullibility scale, the conspiracy mentality questionnaire and the generic conspiracist belief scale but also their answers are compared to those of the other respondents. The test will be available permanently and the first summary of results and their publication will be made at the begging of 2023.

You can find the test here.

Have fun!