Disinfo Academy kicks off

With the kick-off meeting in Sofia of the recently approved Erasmus+ project Disinfo Academy we are putting together the brainpower of a handful of academics, researchers and practitioners to study, evaluate and propose an updated fact-checking algorithm that is based on current practices and trends in the online behaviour of young people. We recognise that the existing practices used by journalists and professional fact-checkers are often inefficient for use by the wider public. Thus, we are attempting to identify intuitive pathways for fact-checking and navigating a world of digital information that is increasingly confusing and where “true” and “fake” have less clear boundaries than ever. An interesting twist – as we work, we will attempt to establish what are the common disinformation narratives on the Balkans.

The partnership is led by NTCenter and comprises Sofia University, Koc University in Istanbul, Eurocomunicare in Bucarest, and the University of Sarajevo.