De Facto Project Approved for Funding by the European Commission

NTCenter is pleased to announce that a project based on our disinformation and misionformation counteracting methodology has been approved for funding by the EU. We partner with universities and training organisations from Belgium, United Kingdom, Czechia, Slovenia, Italy and Poland. The De Facto project will focus in the next 3 years on research and development of innovation in the fields of vocational and adult education related to counteracting the production and spread of disinformation and misinformation. We have based our methodology entirely on cognitive science theories and discoveries, and the plan is to come up with practical and concrete tools for teachers and learners to use in their everyday work and study routines.

This is one of the first attempts to identify and develop practical solutions for a problem of massive magnitude and importance, with serious impact on education and training, and a subsequent roll-out effect on every aspect of our lifes.

We will soon present in details the project, the partners, the methodology and the planned outcomes. We are glad that our work so far has been noticed and appreciated and are increasing the intensity of our work in the field of cognitive science, disinformation and misinformation, innovation in teachers and trainers’ practices. And we remain open for further partnerships and possible expansions and spin-offs based on our work.