dBias: early summer update

Our first joint-staff training took place in April and was intended to give insights on how to make a successful short video for the purpose of telling about cognitive biases in education context. As a follow-up to the training, national teams started drafting scenarios for videos, aiming to expose viewer to genuine bias-related situations. This is also a period of intense international cooperation, and each partner has their significant and specific role in the process of commenting and evaluating the proposed drafts. The task is challenging, also because cognitive biases bring in many questions. Nevertheless, it triggers collective energy and boosts collaboration as the best way to tackle the task is to brainstorm in a group. To sum it up, the result of our efforts so far we have a dozen of ready drafts in the pipeline of video production. This is a rewarding achievement and with the summer coming to a peak we are delighted to take a break and let holiday activities refuel our imagination.