Conspiracy Theories: A Deconstruction Model

NTCenter maintains a continuous focus on disinformation and disinformation related-cognition. With the financial support of the Erasmus+ programme of the EU, we are launching InTACT, a 30-months project on conspiracy theories. Our working hypothesis is that we can apply a methodology similar to the one we had recently adopted in De Facto for building resilience by exposing the cognitive mechanisms of manipulation. Building upon this, we plan to develop a deconstruction model for conspiracy theories and design training interventions where the constituting elements and the mechanics of the disinformation impact can be demonstrated. We intend to prove that by raising awareness of the nature and mechanics of this impact, we can achieve a sustainable level of protection and resilience.

In this challenge, we are joined by colleagues from Belgium, Italy, Czechia and Slovenia. We expect the new InTACT project to be well-integrated and use already existing communication channels so that the existing De Facto website and the social media profiles of our organisations will be used for public communication and progress reports.