BROD Launches New Media Literacy Tools to Tackle Disinformation

The primary goal of the Bulgarian-Romanian Observatory of Digital Media (BROD) is to accelerate efforts to fight disinformation through a combination of national and regional fact-checking, media literacy, and policy measures. These initiatives are designed to address both the short-term and long-term challenges posed by disinformation in this key EU region.
As part of the BROD hub, we are proud to collaborate with some of the most prominent researchers, media literacy experts, journalists, and policy partners in the region. A significant part of BROD’s mission involves the development and dissemination of media literacy resources. Now we are rolling out a series of innovative media literacy resources designed to empower the citizens of Bulgaria and Romania, enhancing their ability to discern credible information from misleading content. By fostering critical thinking and media awareness, BROD aims to build a more informed and resilient public.

The first batch of resources is already available with more to come at